Why you should join AERA

Why you should join AERA

If you sell international rail tickets or organise holidays by train, you can benefit from joint representation towards carriers and decision-makers, in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

If your business supplies the rail or wider travel industry, AERA provides an opportunity for you to network.

If your work, professional or voluntary, involves promoting rail travel, you can learn about and contribute to our efforts to secure a bigger role for rail in international journeys.

Whatever your involvement in rail travel across Europe, you can keep up to date with the latest developments.

AERA’s current membership already includes some of the UK’s biggest customers of British and other European railways, including Eurostar, and you will be joining an organisation which, collectively, forms a powerful lobby to influence the future strategies of international railways in terms of fares, timetables and upholding passenger rights under the terms of existing European legislation (which predates the EU and therefore is not affected by ”Brexit”). Indeed, some continental railways are themselves already members of AERA.

AERA holds bi-monthly meetings which all members are entitled to attend. It is also affiliated to the European Passengers’ Federation, which is represented in 20 countries



Wish to become a member of AERA and help us improve train travel and the travel experience? Go to our become a member page to learn more about how you can apply!