AERA General Meeting Update and Outcomes – April 2019


During the recent general meeting of AERA in April, the members discussed Eurostar issues in the view of feedback from customers. One of the outcomes of the discussion was to aim for clearer announcements in three languages, on trains and stations, which will achieve to improve the passenger experience. Further on, the booking window for the new Amsterdam service needs enlarging. During this meeting, the connections at Brussels were also discussed, as well as issues concerning unaccompanied minors.

AERA’s Seamless Travel Working Group is in correspondence with train operators and other bodies concerning passenger rights and contingency plans when services are disrupted and connections missed.

Travel tip of the month:

Did you know that you can buy a special ticket from your local station to “London International” when you travel by Eurostar? It enables you to travel by train and is especially useful if the Eurostar is delayed or if you have to travel in the peak period!

This ticket is also called a “London CIV” or “Euro High Saver” ticket. If you purchase it from a station booking office, you should be prepared to show your Eurostar ticket.